ExSpelled : A magical paper craft game. (Expelled)

Created by AndHeGames

ExSpelled : A magical paper craft game. (Expelled)
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ExSpelled Game Book
Andhegames brings you ExSpelled – a DIY Adventure Game where you team up with your friends, game ... more »
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The Cloud Dungeon (Print-and-Play included)
The original DIY adventure game, The Cloud Dungeon has brought creative play and quirky storytell... more »
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The Book of Coloring
All the pages in the coloring book have designs that flow into one another, no matter how they ar... more »
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The Cloud Dungeon Print-and-Play
The Cloud Dungeon digital printable files – print your own game!

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Andhegames brings you ExSpelled – a DIY Adventure Game where you team up with your friends, game group, or family to make a story together.

You're all incoming freshmen at Whimberly's College of the Magical Arts – a magic school located in the center of a mana desert. It's pretty terrible.

...but you don't have much of a choice. You didn't get accepted to any of the more prestigious magic schools – the quill didn't write down your name, you weren't endowed with amazing mutations, you're not exactly what the magic elite want.

But that doesn't mean you can't attend magic school. Magic is for everyone...right?

What is it?
What is it?

It's a book that transforms into a creative tabletop game for 2-6 players. As you progress through the book, you will create your characters, color them, and customize them. Your characters will face many dangers, brave challenges, and make many decisions that permanently affect the story. You'll use a decision card to track the choices you make as the story moves forward.




➩ Creativity - This is a game that inspires creativity. You don't have to consider yourself to be creative to have fun – you don't even need to know how to draw a stick figure. But if you do love to color and create and cut+paste, then this game will only encourage that.

➩ Permanent decisions and consequences – You make decisions, both as a team, and individually. These decisions have consequences, often hilarious and ridiculous. Sometimes you don't know where a decision will lead...

➩ Papercraft – Cutting out items and weapons and pasting them on your character, building 3-D items out of paper, and more cut-and-paste stuff.

What's new?
What's new?

I've been refining the DIY Adventure Game format, and there have been some cool updates/additions since The Cloud Dungeon, including:

☻  More advanced paper craft (using 3D modeling to make more advanced shapes)

☻  Individual Decision Cards

☻  Paper craft wands that you use to play some of the games

☻  A balance of story, decision making, creativity, and mini games

☻  Even less prep time to start the game, with character creation spread throughout the story.

What do you get?
What do you get?

 ➺ The Book - Spiral-bound to lay flat on the table, with the first printing spine color.

➺ The print-and-play (Included with every level) - Need a copy of the game? You got it.

➺ Printable refills (Included with every level – one-sided and two-sided) - Want to play again? The book refills make it easy to print out the pages that you cut up, without printing out the whole book. You can even rotate in new characters, wands, and more.

➺ One character pack (free with every level) - Printable, 6 characters, decided by backers. During the campaign, I'll be asking for your ideas, we'll put your ideas into a survey and decide what characters are the awesomest!

➺ One wand pack (free with every level) - Printable: ExSpelled comes with basic wands, but say you want something a little more complex – you're the type to spend an hour or two folding paper, totally engaged – we got you covered with this deluxe wand pack.

➺All the digital stretch goals (every level, no exceptions) - We'll be unlocking awesome new LOOT and ALTERNATES and amazing stuff as we go along, and EVERYONE gets every single stretch goal, even if you only pledge the print-and-play level.

Not saying I don't appreciate it, but why do all of these things come free with every level?

Because I appreciate each and every backer, regardless of pledge level. You're awesome, you're helping me bring my ideas into life, so you deserve every single perk that I can give.



Stretch Goals
Stretch Goals

Why I'm doing stretch goals: Since I'm a one-man show, designing, writing and illustrating all of this myself, I can add lots of additional content to the book very cheaply. If you put in the time and the effort to really reach out and tell people about this game, then I'll invest even more of my time to give more amazing stuff to everyone. Thank you for sharing!




Why pledge now?
Why pledge now?

⁂ Money-back guarantee - If, for any reason, you decide that you don't want the book, I'll refund your money, no questions asked.

⁂ Don't fear the mail! - In my last couple of Kickstarters, I've had a couple shipments of games get damaged/destroyed in transit. I'll always replace these immediately – it's not your fault that they were damaged.

⁂ Limited edition  - The first edition spine color and extra goodies that will only be in the first edition. If you like extra stuff, it's a good reason to Kickstart the game.

⁂ Get your mark on the game - We're doing backer surveys and fun questions involving the game, so you get to come up with ideas for some of what goes into the book! It's so much fun to brainstorm and come up with amazing ideas with you. We'll be spreading these surveys through the course of the campaign, so the sooner you back, the more ideas you can share!

⁂ Make it better for everyone - The more we fund, the more that everyone gets amazing stuff. By backing and sharing the game, you're making it better for yourself, and everyone who buys the game. Thank you for that.





International options

Unfortunately, this is only available digitally to international backers. However, every digital stretch goal (no exceptions) is included with the $3 pledge, as well as the bonus character pack and wand pack. I really appreciate it if you back my game, even at the $3 level, so I'll be giving you as much cool goodies as possible.

What about replay value?
What about replay value?

ExSpelled is not designed to be infinitely repayable. I did this on purpose, because I'm interested in pushing games in directions they rarely go. Single-use experience games (like the murder-mystery type) haven't lived up to the potential I see in this format. This game isn't for you if you just want a game to play over and over again, but only if you love exciting new experiences that haven't been tried in modern tabletop gaming.

However – this isn't just a cash-grab. You don't have to buy the book multiple times to be able to play it again and again. When you buy my game, I want you to be able to play it as many times as you want without giving me another cent. With every purchase of the book, you'll get PDFs of every page, so you'll be able to print out any pages that were cut up and destroyed, print out new sets of characters, and play the game over and over again for just a few pennies of ink.




DIY Adventure Games + Learning
DIY Adventure Games + Learning

ExSpelled isn't an educational game, but it engages children deeply in a variety of subjects, like:

⍟ Drawing/creativity

⍟ Simple math

⍟ Teamwork

⍟ Logical Thinking

Because of this aspect of the DIY Adventure Game format, I've heard from many teachers who have used my game in their classrooms, and a bunch of parents who appreciate the way that my games engage children, while teaching them.

Games have the power to interest children in learning: to cultivate the love of learning, not just convey facts. When kids play games, they're learning about a world that they love, so learning is a blast.


Here are the cool wands!

Dark Magic set:



Nature Set 


Spell Set






Add these on to your pledge for extra stuff!
Add these on to your pledge for extra stuff!


1. Click the “manage your pledge” button on the project page.

2. Increase your pledge by the amount needed to claim the add-on.

3. Save your pledge. Do not change the tier that you originally pledged.

**You may claim as many add-ons as you would like, simply add each price to your pledge.